A Little About Us


Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in the Historic town of Vermilion, Ohio.  Woodstock Café was created in 2008 by Chef Jim Lowder, wife Magen, & daughter Birkleigh, with a strong passion for local sustainability.  Specializing in Gourmet Sandwiches, Submarines, Fresh Green Salads,  and "Thin & Crispy" Crust Pizzas, Craft Beers, & Espresso/Coffees.  Menu features produce from some of Ohio's Best Local Green Houses.  During summer months we utilize our own Urban Garden, picking Tomatoes and Basil right off the vine!  That's Fresh!!!  We are proud to feature Boars Head Brand preservative & additive free deli meats, cheeses and Coleman GMO-Free Chicken.   We have partnered with Cleveland's Orlando Bakery ( baking bread since 1861) for Preservative-free breads that are delivered fresh daily.  "Down to the Pickle on the plate!" in quality!  Woodstock Cafe was notably named after our "WOODSTOCK TYPEWRITER,"  in which our very first menu was typed up on 10 years ago!  The same series that Bob Dylan typed up his wonderful songs and poems!   The Vibe is always positive and alive from the moment you are greeted at the door and when the music soaks in to your soul!  Relax and enjoy one of the over 100's of Craft Beers, ask our educated staff , "What's new in the Brews?"   Checkout our decor that everyone is talking about!   Featured in several magazines and websites, Repurposed Pallet Walls, Gas Pipe Lights,  the unique Card Catalog Bar with Bowling Alley Lane Top, along  with Music Decor that was  inspired by our many adventures while touring and selling "Grateful Grilled Cheese Sandwichs," at the parking lots of to many to remember, Grateful Dead Shows!   The Newest addition to the Woodstock Scene....ESPRESSO BAR!  We source many different local Roasters.  Baristas are trained and certified to Tamp!  It's a Science...awake at first sip!  Call up an old friend, bring out the family to enjoy one of the many games on our patio, and rare live music!   You may be amazed who you might be sitting next to, as several famous talents tend to blend in at the Woodstock Cafe and dig the vibe and food!!!   Enjoy your time , wait times can be longer in summer months...we are fresh!!!!  Welcome to the fun and exciting dining EXPERIENCE known as the Woodstock Cafe!!!!!!